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Mission, Idea and Aims:


From Collene Webb's redhead came the idea to write new or adapt existing stories with the particular aim of featuring one or more red-haired characters.


As a professional actress and scriptwriter, she is concerned about restrictive casting, standardised characters and gender inequality in the entertainment industry.

- Reaching in to consider opinions, images and myths on red hair

- Reaching up to imagine, write and produce new stage and screen productions or other creative works on red hair

- Reaching out to redheads, artists and audiences to bring people together, provide work opportunities, entertain and provoke debate


Above middle photo by Rebecca Knowles. Above left photo by Ian Macaulay

Copyright C L Webb, all rights reserved, 2015-2019

Collene Webb is a freelance actress from South Staffordshire, England. Since graduating with BA (Hons) Acting, she has worked for various theatre and film companies across the UK. She's also a scriptwriter and composer/songwriter for stage and screen.  She has produced her own theatre works at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and in the West Midlands as well as her first national UK tour with Redhead Reach - Anne of Green Gables.

Collene believes that being a redhead is a lifestyle and has met many others who agree at Redhead Days Breda, the Irish Red Convention and Redhead Day UK Manchester/London. She has also travelled to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, Canada where the novel Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery is set (a story with a red-haired protagonist).

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